A Parents Bluff Your Way Through Guide to Children's TV

Can't tell Fimbo and Florry apart?  Don't even have a spare Roly Mo to find
out, but don't have any idea what's on?  Let bus stop toy shop come to your

This is at present a fledgling project.  If you'd like to contribute a review of a
children's TV show, then
drop me an e-mail and your review could appear

Anyone thinking that British Kids TV is bad clearly hasn't seen The Fairies, a
new Australian import on Nickleodeon.  The fat bloke playing the bee makes
Big Cook Ben look like Olympic Gold Medalist for Enthusiasm.  I haven't been
able to stomach enough of it to write anything - if anyone has, drop me a

Anyway, onto the shows...

Big Cook, Little Cook
Boogie Beebies
Boogie Beebies - The New Format

Carrie and David's Popshop
Charlie and Lola

Dora The Explorer

The Fimbles

Go, Diego, Go!

Hello Kitty:  Stump Village

In The Night Garden

Lazy Town

Nina and The Neurons

Peppa Pig

The Roly Mo Show

Something Special
Step Inside
Super Why

3rd and Bird

Wonder Pets