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The Bus Stop Toy Shop Toy and Hobby Hall of Fame
Very few are good enough and only a select few are so special that they get a place on this
page.  Here we celebrate the products that our customers have loved over the years.

There's also details here on how to vote for the 2010 inductees into our Hall of Fame.
Hair-ee Magno-z
Hama Beads
Hair-ee Magno-z
The first big craze at Bus Stop
Towers was Hair-ee Magno-z.  Our
customers couldn't get enough of
them and searched high and low
for that elusive Rainbow Warrior.  
Magno-z will always have a special
place in Bus Stop history.
Hama Beads
Pretty soon after we opened our
doors, the Hama Bead stand
arrived and it's still there and just
as popular today.  Hama Beads
have always been amongst our top
selling online products and we
love 'em!
Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game
2007 saw our first foray into the
trading card arena with the
Yu-Gi-Oh!  Trading Card Game.  
Since then we've gone on to
acquire a legion of TCG fans and
in 2009 were proud to become an
official Yu-Gi-Oh! Event Location
Groovy Girl
The classic Manhattan Toy dolls
have been a firm favourite ever
since they first appeared in store in
2007.  Each new doll seems to get
better and better and nowadays,
every one is eagerly anticipated by
our legion of Groovy Girl fans.
Gogo's Crazy Bones
Who would have thought that the
little red box that arrived on the
counter one day would have such a
big impact?  A few months later,
Crazy Bones were well on their way
to becoming the biggest seller
we've ever had.
Warhammer 40K
Games Workshop's products
arrived with a bang at Bus Stop
Towers in 2008.  Soon we had
plenty of local enthusiasts beating
a path to our door.  They've since
been joined by loads more players,
introduced to the game at BSTS.
Sylvanian Families
Sylvanian Families first made their
appearance in late 2008.  As their
resurgence snowballed, our range
grew and grew until by Xmas 2009,
Sylvanians had become a major
part of Bus Stop life, with a huge
number of instore and online fans.
Match Attax
Match Attax had been selling in
large quantities on our website for
some time when they also took of
in-store in 2009.  The 09/10
season has seen no slowing in
their popularity and we reckon
they'll be around for years to come.
Groovy Girl
Gogos Crazy Bones
Warhammer 40K
Sylvanian Families
Match Attax
2010 - You Decide!
Two more toys or hobbies will be inducted into our Hall of Fame in 2010.  Who'll it be?  The ten
nominees have been decided upon and you can have your say, by voting for your favourite on
Squidoo Voting Page.